😏 What is the one thing everyone is talking about without actually having it?

Yes, you are absolutely right. It is

The # Metaverse or #Web3.

Also this year’s edition of #OMKB in Berlin opened with a keynote on this topic by eloquent Ben Harmanus.

While listening to his words I wondered if the Metaverses are not way too much nerdish. Yes, I like playful ways of social interactions.

But what happens with Web3 is or games related or inaccessible without driving you nuts (NFTs or Crypto).

The urgent question here is if this will change in the near future.

Yes, brands are there and it is fruitful for b2c and b2b, but not at scale.

The other important topic at the conference, of course 😎, was #automation.

Automation in paid social ads is interesting. Gamze Yilmaz from Delivery Hero showed how that business leverages weather and sports API to show different ads based on wether it is raining or not to foster relatability.

Something b2b could learn from.

And then Björn Darko had Norman Nielsen 🚀 for a live episode of his SEOpresso podcast. They talked about Content Automation in 2024, from automated structured content (as with sports results or product descriptions).

Right now there is a lot of development in this direction with tools as neuroflash or GPT3, where you can create incredible content in minutes on autopilot.

#lastcallforautomation #roboticsales

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