Do you want to become an AI ninja in sales?
Here are some ideas from my talk last week in a real multiplex.
What are the most urgent pains in sales for you?
I suppose one or some of these:
🔸 Generate leads with personalized messages
🔸 Know your client very well
🔸 Timing
🔸Always the same questions from your prospects
🔸 Compare complex quotes
And for your client?
🔸 Getting a quote as soon as possible
🔸 Know who is the best in the market for their goals
🔸 Timing
🔸 Getting answers to their questions in an instant
With genai you can become a sales AI ninja and face not only your pains but also the ones of your clients.
And the best part is, you don´t have to wait for your organization to make the bed.
Just start with tools from the shelf right now.
Dealcode for sending highly personalized messages on LinkedIn.
ChatGPT Writer as a Chrome extension to answer emails instantly. and GPT4 Turbo or Claude 3 in an agentic approach to produce valuable content for your audience.
InVideo to produce fantastic videos with just three lines of prompts.
HeyGen to answer customer queries with a personalized avatar videos.
ChatGPT to get to know everything about your client in endless chats (using it as a persona). to discover the struggles of your client´s company.
Integrate your OpenAI GPT with WhatsApp and you will never ever have to answer the same three questions of prospects again.
How do you use AI to thrive in sales? Please leave a comment.
Thank you for the fantastic photos, Karina Schuh.

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