Tim Cortinovis - International Keynote Speaker

„pure Inspiration …. energiegeladen und spannend…“

Tim Cortinovis bietet inspirierende Vorträge und Keynotes (live, virtuell, hybrid oder im Metaverse) auf Deutsch, Englisch und Spanisch, damit Unternehmen und Organisationen herausragende Ergebnisse mit Veranstaltungen erzielen. Er bringt die ideale Mischung aus Authentizität, inspirierender Energie, maßgeschneiderten Einblicken und praktischer Anwendung für jede Publikumsgröße. Umsetzungsorientierung ist dabei selbstverständlich. 

Aktuelle Themen:

So nutzt Ihr ChatGPT, Dalle und andere AI-Tools erfolgreich in Eurem Unternehmen

So geht Vertrieb in Zukunft: Was kommt, wie wir uns vorbereiten können und davon profitieren können

Sales im Metaverse – So geht Vertrieb in der virtuellen Welt

Menschen mitnehmen in der digitalen Transformation im Vertrieb: Digitales Mindset für erfolgreichen Vertrieb

Künstliche Intelligenz im Vertrieb: Vertriebsautomatisierung, Sales Automation

Social Selling: Verkaufen in sozialen Netzwerken

Wer ist Tim Cortinovis?

Tim Cortinovis ist ein weltweit anerkannter Autor, Keynote Speaker und Moderator zu KI und Vertrieb.

Seit 2011 ist Tim international gefragt, wenn es darum geht, wie Unternehmen von AI, Automatisierung und anderen innovativen Technologien in Vertrieb und Marketing profitieren. Er begeistert Teams für den Einsatz neuester Tools. Unter anderem hat er mit Siemens, Avaya, Arvato, ING und e.on gearbeitet.

So geht Vertrieb in Zukunft

Wie Robotics und KI den Vertrieb im Mittelstand verändern 

Der Amazon-Beststeller. Das Praxisbuch zur Zukunft des Vertriebs, jetzt in der zweiten Auflage mit extra Kapitel zu ChatGPT im Vertrieb. Es zeigt deutlich, was Kunden heute wollen und wie wir im Vertrieb von KI und innovativen Ansätzen profitieren. 


Tim Cortinovis moderiert für Siemens die REALIZE LIVE – Userconference in Berlin


Stimmen begeisterter Kundinnen und Kunden



Tim Cortinovis ist Mitglied der GSA, German Speakers Association. Das ist die Qualitätsgemeinschaft der professionellen Vortragsredner in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Durch regelmäßigen Austausch und Fortbildungen wird ein hohes Niveau garantiert.

Auch das Deutsche Rednerlexikon führt Tim Cortinovis als Redner und Experten zum Thema Digitalisierung und Automatisierung im Vertrieb.


Kunden sagen:

We had a fabulous talk from Tim. It was engaging, it was fun, it was airy and light. The whole room was really excited by what he had to share with us.

Jason Wesbecher

VP Sales and Marketing, Corel Corporation, Austin

Tim Cortinovis ist DER Vertriebsguru Deutschlands.

Wolfgang Tiefensee

Wirtschaftsminister, Land Thüringen

We just want to thank Tim for being our host this week at our user conference. He did a great job keeping us all engaged, keeping us up to date on what everybody was talking about, connecting dots, and keeping us inspired.

Stacey Gromlich

Director Global Audience Engagement, Siemens Digital Industries Software

The Sales Accelerator – der Blog von Tim Cortinovis

Das Interessanteste zur Digitalisierung im Vertrieb für Spielveränderer, Herausforderer und Visionäre. Die digitale Welt verändert sich rasant, jeden Tag. Neue Ideen, Tools, Innovationen. 

How To Use AI in Supply Chain Management

How To Use AI in Supply Chain Management

Supply chains are undergoing a massive transition, as Artificial Intelligence (AI) finds promising applications in order to streamline operations and augment human capabilities. According to Shopify’s blog post, AI can improve supply chain management by providing real-time analytics, forecasting demand, optimizing warehousing, and enabling autonomous delivery. Keeping in mind the complexity and vastness of supply chains, a programmed AI working 24/7 can be effective in ensuring every segment functions smoothly, enhancing supply chain resilience.

Why does it matter? Supply chains are the lifeblood of commerce – any disruption can severely impact a business’s ability to deliver goods on time, affecting profitability. AI-infused supply chains can lead to smoother operations, less waste, and higher customer satisfaction. All these culminate in optimized business growth. For whom is this important? Business owners, supply chain managers, stakeholders and even customers will benefit from these enhancements. This AI-driven transition can bring about endless possibilities and elevate operational standards within industries.

Read the whole story here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/ai-in-supply-chain.

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Why Sales Is Both an Art and a Science

Why Sales Is Both an Art and a Science

In the fascinating world of sales, experts suggest it isn’t simply a numbers game but also a creative endeavour, reflecting both art and science. A recent article on www.inddist.com explored this duality, arguing that to be truly effective in sales, a calculated approach (‚the science‘) that involves developing a strategic plan, analyzing consumer behavior, and leveraging technology is as crucial as having an artistic knack for understanding customer needs, thematic representation, and building a personal relationship (‚the art‘).

Why does it matter? Embracing both aspects of ‚art‘ and ’science‘ in sales strategies can directly influence the success of a business. A scientifically-grounded approach can provide insights into the customer psychology, predict trends, and help in more accurate forecasting, while the art side helps in smoothly navigating human connections, creating memorable narratives, and ensuring customer loyalty. Therefore, mastering this dichotomy can lead to a more comprehensive and effective sales strategy.

For whom it’s important? This insightful perspective proves significant for sales professionals, business owners, marketers, and anyone directly or indirectly involved in the sales cycle of a product or service. This knowledge could be instrumental in refining their sales approach, improving customer relationships, and maximizing sales outcomes. Read the whole story here: www.inddist.com

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Worried About AI Killing Art? This App Offers a Refuge—If Its Founder Can Keep the Lights On

Worried About AI Killing Art? This App Offers a Refuge—If Its Founder Can Keep the Lights On

Titled „Car.a“, this portfolio app created by world renowned photographer and artist, Jingna Zhang, is making waves in the art world. Merging her love for art and tech, Zhang developed the app using artificial intelligence, creating a platform where budding artists can showcase their work, and potentially skyrocket their careers. Furthermore, Car.a acts as an aid, enabling users to navigate the fine lines of the art business, relating crucial insights on pricing, negotiation, to contracts and intellectual property rights, thanks to its AI-driven capabilities.

Why does this matter? The application of artificial intelligence in the field of arts and creativity opens up a plethora of new opportunities. Not only does this help democratize the art industry by breaking down barriers and providing insight to those who lack experience or connections, but it also provides a revolutionary approach to discovery and interaction with art and artists.

Why is this important? For artists, creators, and art aficionados, as well as technology enthusiasts, this is a pioneering step into a future where AI can help curate, streamline and even understand and appreciate art in ways previously unimagined. By having such a platform, artists are given more power, visibility, and control over their work, thus making the world of art more equitable and inclusive.
Read the whole story [here](https://www.wired.com/story/cara-portfolio-app-artificial-intelligence-jingna-zhang/).

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