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Die digitale Welt verändert sich rasant, jeden Tag. Neue Ideen, Tools, Innovationen. Im Digital Sales Lab findest du meine eigenen Einschätzungen, welchen Beitrag diese Veränderungen zum digitalen B2B-Vertrieb leisten.

Und du findest hier unter Vertriebsautomatisierung ganz transparent meine eigene Informationsquelle. Die wird automatisch von einem Bot gespeist, der für dich und für mich das Netz durchsucht nach spannenden Beiträgen, Posts und Veröffentlichungen rund um Künstliche Intelligenz, Conversational Interfaces, Virtual Reality, Digitalisierung und Automatisierung.



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‘You’ve got to be data-driven’: the fashion forecasters using AI to predict the next trend

This article covers the latest trend of artificial intelligence-driven forecasting style. It explains how AI has become a key part of many organizations’ strategy and how it is helping them to accurately predict future trends. Anyone who wants to learn more about the use of AI in forecasting should read this article. #AI #Forecasting Read the whole story here:

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What Will Replace Smartphones? Experts Reveal the Unsettling Reality

This article by Inverse explores the current and future trends in technology, particularly after the success of smartphones. It discusses topics such as virtual assistants, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), 3D printing, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and machine learning. Technology enthusiasts should read this article to gain insight into what new advancements may appear on the horizon. Read the whole story here: #NextInTech #SmartPhones #Technology

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From programmatic to AI: how is tech evolving podcasting?

This article explores how technological advancements have changed podcasting. It explains the impact of artificial intelligence on the industry and its potential to make things more accessible for podcasters. This article is beneficial for anyone interested in hearing more about AI’s role in podcasting, as well as those who want to learn more about the current state of podcasting. Read the whole story here: #Podcasts #AI

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ChatGPT Can Now Talk to You—and Look Into Your Life

This article discusses a new chatbot called ChatGPT, which is powered by natural language processing. It can talk to you and look into your life with conversational AI. It can give you personalized answers based on the information it finds about you online. This chatbot could be useful for people who need advice or help making decisions in their personal lives.

People who are interested in learning more about using artificial intelligence in their daily lives should read this article as it explores how AI technology can be applied to conversations and our everyday lives.
Read the whole story here: #AI #ChatGPT

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Wie KI zum Produktivitäts-Booster wird

This article discusses how Künstlerische Intervention, a project to improve the environment in Wiek Königstein, Germany, is helping boost wildlife populations. The project seeks to restore and protect natural habitats by using creative art and design elements. According to local experts, the project has been successful in increasing biodiversity around the area.

Anyone interested in environmental conservation should read this article as it provides valuable insight into how art can be used for positive environmental change. Read the whole story here: #environmentalconservation #artforchange

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Wie Hyperpersonalisierung die Customer Experience verbessert

This article discusses how the Wiehler Percussion Group is using digital technology to improve customer experience. The company has integrated various technologies such as machine learning and virtual reality into their business processes in order to provide a personalized shopping experience for customers. Those interested in learning more about digital transformation should read this article. Read the whole story here: #digitaltransformation #customerjourney #smallbusinesses

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Get Ready for AI Chatbots That Do Your Boring Chores

This article explains how AI chatbots can help people do tedious chores. It looks at how ChatGPT, an open-source natural language processing tool, is helping to automate boring tasks like scheduling appointments and summarizing data. The article examines the potential of AI chatbots for freeing up people to focus on more meaningful work. This article would be interesting to anyone who wants to learn about the possibilities of artificial intelligence for enhancing productivity in their daily lives. Read the whole story here: #AIChatbot #ChatGPT #Productivity

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Digital Engagement: Transforming Customer Loyalty

This article discusses the importance of digital engagement in transforming customers‘ experience. It explains how companies can use data and technology to create a more personalized customer journey. Business leaders who want to understand how digital transformation can help them better serve their customers should read this story. Read the whole story here: #digitalengagement #customerloyalty #transformation

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UK’s competition watchdog drafts principles for ‘responsible’ generative AI

This article discusses the CMA Foundation’s review of AI technology. The foundation believes that AI is a powerful tool, but it needs to be managed carefully and ethically. They are calling for more regulation and oversight of the technology in order to ensure its safe use, as well as greater public awareness of its potential risks and harms. Those interested in learning about how AI can be used responsibly should read this article. Read the whole story here: #AITechnology #RegulationAndOversight

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How to Address the Supply-Chain Staffing Crisis

The article, “How to Address the Supply Chain Staffing Crisis” addresses an issue that many companies are facing: a shortage of skilled labor. It discusses how companies can attract and retain talent in the supply chain field by leveraging technology, developing a strong employer brand, and improving their employee experience. Companies should read this article if they are looking for new ways to address their current staffing crisis and ensure the long-term success of their business. Read the whole story here: #supplychain #talentretention #employerexperience

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Digital Sales Lab

Pretty Cool ChatGPT Use Cases

This week everybody in tech seems to have just one single topic: #chatGPT. What are the most intriguing use cases other found for ChatGPT? To find answers to this burning question I spent some hours on the internet. Here is what I found. 👉 To summarize research...

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