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Die digitale Welt verändert sich rasant, jeden Tag. Neue Ideen, Tools, Innovationen. Im Digital Sales Lab findest du meine eigenen Einschätzungen, welchen Beitrag diese Veränderungen zum digitalen B2B-Vertrieb leisten.

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Level Up Your Communication Skills with AI Powered Feedback

This article is about Yoodli, a new AI-powered speech coach. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to provide users with real-time feedback on their vocal performance as they deliver speeches or presentations. It also offers tips for improving one’s speaking skills. Anyone looking to refine their public speaking abilities can benefit from this technology – it’s the perfect tool for anyone who wants to become a better speaker! Read the whole story here: #AI #MachineLearning #SpeechCoach

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2 Surprising Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks You Should Consider

This article outlines two stocks that investors should consider in 2021. It suggests Square, Inc., a financial services and mobile payments company, and Nvidia Corporation, which produces GPUs for gaming and AI applications. Both of these stocks have seen impressive growth over the past year due to their unique products and services. Investors looking to diversify their portfolios or gain exposure to emerging technologies should read this article. #investing #stocks #technology
Read the whole story here:

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Web3 Infrastructure Provider Particle Network Announces Strategic Evolution with Privacy-Preserving Intent-Centric Features

Particle Network, a web3 infrastructure provider, announced the launch of privacy-preserving intent-centric features for its platform. These new features are based on Particle’s Intent Model which allows individuals and organizations to define their data preferences in order to protect user information from malicious actors. Anyone interested in learning more about how blockchain technology is being used to protect consumer privacy should read this article. Read the whole story here:

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What will artificial intelligence mean for your pay?

This article discusses the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the way in which we pay for goods and services. According to experts, AI can make payments faster, more secure, and even more cost-effective. It also has the potential to enable new forms of payment such as facial recognition or voice authentication. Businesses should read this article in order to understand how AI could potentially improve their payment processes. Read the whole story here:–1170149441497.html #ArtificialIntelligence #Payments #FinancialServices

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CE Pros Talk: Everything SI with D-Tools’ Randy Stearns

This article from Cepro discusses the importance of having a tool kit ready for clients. It explains how to use D-Tools software and what it can do to help improve customer service. This is great information for businesses that are looking to better their customer experience, as well as anyone who wants an understanding of D-Tools software. Read the whole story here: #dtoolskit #customerservice

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CE Pros Talk: Everything SI with D-Tools’ Randy Stearns

This article from Cepro discusses the advantages of using D-Tools SI software and how it can help increase efficiency in businesses. It explains that by having a comprehensive data set to work with, you are able to plan better, make more informed decisions and deliver better customer service. Business owners looking for ways to streamline their processes should read this article. #BusinessSupport #CeproReadTheWholeStoryHere:–randy-stearns

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Nachfrage steigern: Wachstum durch digitale Tools und Lösungen

This article discusses the importance of digital tools in the age of a pandemic and how they can be used to help combat current challenges. It also outlines some specific strategies for utilizing digital tools, such as creating an online community and leveraging data analytics. Anyone interested in learning more about how to effectively use digital technology during this time should read this article. #digitaltools #pandemic Read the whole story here:

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A management expert explains how OpenAI’s nonprofit-corporate hybrid model works

OpenAI is a nonprofit research lab that works on advancing artificial intelligence (AI). They have recently shifted to a new hybrid model which combines elements of both the non-profit and corporate worlds. This article dives into the history of OpenAI, their recent successful projects, and how this shift in model has enabled them to continue advancing AI technology.

Anyone interested in learning more about OpenAI’s past successes or curious about how they are currently working to advance AI should read this article. Read the whole story here: #openai #artificialintelligence

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ChatGPT is winning the future — but what future is that?

ChatGPT is a new artificial intelligence system developed by OpenAI for use in text-based conversations. It has the ability to generate human-like responses to questions and statements, as well as learn from its mistakes over time. This article details how ChatGPT was created, along with insights into its capabilities and potential applications. Anyone interested in AI technology or looking for an example of how machine learning can be applied should read this article – it’s an exciting development that could have far reaching implications moving forward. Read the whole story here: #OpenAI #ChatGPT #ArtificialIntelligence

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OpenAI’s boardroom drama is over… and has just begun

OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research lab, has recently experienced drama surrounding its boardroom. This article dives into the complexities of the situation and what it means for OpenAI moving forward. It provides an in-depth look at how this shakeup will affect the future of OpenAI and AI research as a whole.

This article is essential reading for anyone interested in tech news or working with AI technology. It discusses the implications of this drama on current and future projects at OpenAI, making it relevant to those who may be impacted by any changes in leadership or direction that result from this controversy.

Read the whole story here: #tech #AIfuture #OpenAI

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Digital Sales Lab

Is it You or Your Client?

Is it You or Your Client?

🔮 Sales of the future will be more digital, more automated, and, maybe, a little less personal. Some of my clients are reluctant to take the right measures and to implement possible AI and robotics in their sales, knowing what they could achieve if they did.

But they tell me: „No, Sorry, but OUR clients don´t want this impersonal sale. They want to talk to us on the phone, they want us to visit them once a quarter.“
When we look at their sales processes we see lots of manual and personal interaction. Before sending out a quote they insist on a personal meeting, telling me „Our customers need this personal meeting. And, by the way, we need it to write the quote.“

Studies and numbers show a different reality. McKinsey stated in a recent study, that 95% of all buyers prefer self-service-modules, Gartner predicts, that 33% of all buyers want a seller-free sales experience. And think about it: What do you prefer as a customer yourself? A fast and seamless service? Or one where you have to go through tedious telephone calls with a sales representative?

The other day I had just this experience as a possible client. I wanted to try out a new CRM software, a very promising one. I hit the „Try for Free“ button, entered my email, and then…I received an email from the SaaS company asking for a slot for a personal call before I could try the software. I postponed it directly, as I find it difficult to block my calendar with this kind of call.

It is quite obvious that we should put our sales processes to the test and ask ourselves (or our buyers, or our buyer personas in ChatGPT) if the personal contact within our sales process is necessary for us or if your customers really want it.

If they prefer a personal contact – just fine, go and free enough time on your sales rep´s schedule.

What do you think? Is your sales innovative? I am hungry for your success stories in the comments.


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