„What do you do?“ – one of the most used phrases at a business gathering to get in contact with someone new.

Yes, it is a safe bet.

But: Isn´t it also so boring? It gives the other the opportunity to stay on dry land and to talk about something they have talked about for ages. You throw in your part and that´s it.

It mustn´t be this way. Networking has always been a booster in my career as a public speaker and it is an essential part of sales and business.

I am not talking about some new speaking opportunities I knew about as I talked to strangers. I mean really (business) life-changing experiences through conversations.

I am attending a lot of conferences, networking events, and other business gatherings. So I started to think of some better ways to connect with (hopefully) interesting people.

Here are some of my all-time favorite conversation starters:

🟠Just open a huge field (professionally and personally) with this question: What excites you right now? I am sure you will get inspiring answers.

🟠 Or: What are you looking forward to in the months to come?

🟠 A little bit bolder: What is the most important thing I should know about you?

🟠 A little lighter: What do you do for fun in your spare time?

While connecting with strangers there is one fascinating fundamental point: The more close and confidential you act and talk, the closer and more confidential your conversation will become. By no means this should lead you to throw your inner fears and crap at the very first moment at the other´s feet or to get physically closer to somebody as they allow you to.

Do you have another idea for me to come home inspired and enlightened from a business gathering? Please leave a comment.

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