Closing a deal requires a lot of effort. A sales rep spends a lot of time understanding a customer’s needs, jotting down notes, entering data, and following up. To close a deal, one has to try hard and connect with several prospects. The endless meetings, phone calls, and emails get even more daunting when the number of prospects and customers on the list grows. It simply gets too challenging to handle everything manually. Also, some tasks are repetitive and […]

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Sales on Autopilot // Die Übersicht

Innovative Unternehmen automatisieren weite Teile des Vertriebs. Aber wie? Alles, was Du wissen musst zu automatischer Leadgenerierung und - qualifizierung bis hin zu Predictive Selling hier als PDF.

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"So geht Vertrieb in Zukunft". Tims Buch in der Neuauflage.
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