Some weeks ago at the end of September…
I started my first commercial YouTube channel with only AI-generated content.
The topic?
Of course: Innovations and the future! 🚀

And now it has crossed YouTube´s threshold for monetization. They require a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 of watch hours before you can earn money from ads on your videos. 🎆

The numbers so far:

The channel’s name is Tomorrow Minds.

Since then it has delivered
👉 18 videos of 3 to 8 minutes each about the future of fashion, cities, smart mobility, relationships, food, music, media, coffee, public speaking, and gen AI
👉 10 short videos about the same topics
👉 2,220 subscribers
👉 70.7 hours of watch time

How did I do it? 🤔
This is really dead simple. I did some market research about the most relevant innovative topics on YouTube. The next step is to use an AI called invideo. This AI produces videos using stock footage and a synthesized voice-over.

You only need to prompt the AI to produce the video, you don´t need to give it a script. However, you can provide an entire script (made with ChatGPT for example).

Here is a typical prompt I use:
Create an 8 minute youtube video about the future of media. The video should include examples and storytelling. The overall mood of the video should be inspiring. The aim of the video is to inspire a broad audience.
The voiceover should be a male with an American accent with a dynamic pacing and casual word style. Add some stock footage.
Add piano music. Add an intro saying „Hey Tomorrow Minds welcome to your daily dose of the future“.
Add an outro with „Stay tuned to your next dose of the future. Don´t forget to subscribe to the channel“

It takes a couple of minutes to produce the video. You can edit it afterward by editing the script or the media (if there is some video footage you don´t want to have included).

That´s it! You are done and ready to upload your video to your channel.

Have fun as a video producer!

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