Title: Perfecting Gift Selection: Best STEM Toys for Budding Coders

The article featured on TechCrunch provides a comprehensive list of the 20 best STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) toys that make perfect gifts for young coders in training.
It showcases a variety of educational devices designed to inspire creativity and ignite a passion for science and technology among children.
Ranging from interactive coding robots to DIY computer kits, these toys offer the potential to make learning complex concepts fun and engaging.

Parents, educators, or anyone looking for gift ideas for children who have shown an interest in coding should read this article.
The options detailed in the article strike a balance between learning and play, making them suitable for children of different ages and skill levels.
These toys can empower children, helping them to develop problem-solving skills and paving the way for a future career in the technology sector.

Read the whole story here: [techcrunch.com](https://techcrunch.com/2023/11/21/the-20-best-stem-toys-to-gift-coders-in-training/)

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