Pulling the trigger on pre-sales and open sales opportunities Every furniture retailer knows how challenging it is to find and retain long-term, career-minded, employees. Along with this talent challenge, wage inflation has made it a requirement to offer more competitive compensation to attract and retain top talent. It’s a difficult situation. On one hand, retailers need to hire and develop good people. On the other, they must control wage costs to produce a respectable level of profitability. Despite these […]

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Sales on Autopilot // Die Übersicht

Innovative Unternehmen automatisieren weite Teile des Vertriebs. Aber wie? Alles, was Du wissen musst zu automatischer Leadgenerierung und - qualifizierung bis hin zu Predictive Selling hier als PDF.

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"So geht Vertrieb in Zukunft". Tims Buch in der Neuauflage.
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