đź”® Sales of the future will be more digital, more automated, and, maybe, a little less personal. Some of my clients are reluctant to take the right measures and to implement possible AI and robotics in their sales, knowing what they could achieve if they did.

But they tell me: „No, Sorry, but OUR clients don´t want this impersonal sale. They want to talk to us on the phone, they want us to visit them once a quarter.“
When we look at their sales processes we see lots of manual and personal interaction. Before sending out a quote they insist on a personal meeting, telling me „Our customers need this personal meeting. And, by the way, we need it to write the quote.“

Studies and numbers show a different reality. McKinsey stated in a recent study, that 95% of all buyers prefer self-service-modules, Gartner predicts, that 33% of all buyers want a seller-free sales experience. And think about it: What do you prefer as a customer yourself? A fast and seamless service? Or one where you have to go through tedious telephone calls with a sales representative?

The other day I had just this experience as a possible client. I wanted to try out a new CRM software, a very promising one. I hit the „Try for Free“ button, entered my email, and then…I received an email from the SaaS company asking for a slot for a personal call before I could try the software. I postponed it directly, as I find it difficult to block my calendar with this kind of call.

It is quite obvious that we should put our sales processes to the test and ask ourselves (or our buyers, or our buyer personas in ChatGPT) if the personal contact within our sales process is necessary for us or if your customers really want it.

If they prefer a personal contact – just fine, go and free enough time on your sales rep´s schedule.

What do you think? Is your sales innovative? I am hungry for your success stories in the comments.

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