Imagine this: You could talk to your ideal customers so openly that you would know their most secret thoughts and wishes. I know, some of you do so with real customers. If so, hey, no need for you to keep on reading.

Imagine: You could ask them all the burning questions you would never have dared to ask.

You would know what to do and what to say to get them interested in your products and services.

You would know the right words to trigger them.

You would know how to do better to avoid them leaving you.

You would know what to put in an ad for them to click.

All of this is possible using a persona for ChatGPT. The process is dead simple: With the help of the browser extension Keywordseverywhere you get your customer avatar or buyer persona or however you like to name the essence of your ideal client. In the next step of your journey, you simply ask ChatGPT to assume the persona it just developed for you. Then reserve the next hours to chat with them and clarify everything you always wanted to know.

I do this quite often and ask ChatGPT a lot of questions when it assumes my perfect client, an event marketing manager, a head of marketing, or a speaker coordinator.

You can use it to test hypotheses on marketing communication or products. The possibilities are endless.
How are you using the persona concept with ChatGPT? Please leave a comment.

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