I have to make a confession: When it comes to 🎒 backpacking I am a real 

 gearhead. I love backpacking (tent â›ș and everything needed for the days đŸ„˜ in the wild in my backpack) with the latest in outdoor technology.

Nevertheless my goal is always reducing weight to carry as less burden as possible. By now I am around 22 lbs (or 11 kg), including consumables -> I am aiming at ultralight hiking.

Hiking through the sunny valleys of Slovenia last month I realized that we can learn a lot in Business from ultralight hiking.

Wait a moment. Why and what? đŸ€”

The first thing you do when you start going ultralight IS NOT buying new stuff.

The first thing you do is to question: What can I leave at home WITHOUT having a problem on the trail later?

And, believe it or not, normally you can leave half of your gear at home without getting in trouble or even without less comfort.

The thing is:

We tend to prepare for the worst. For problems that might occur. But then they never happen. We over equip just in case. I did this too. Now I ask myself with every piece of gear I put in the backpack: Is it really necessary?

Second cooking pot? Leave it at home.

Spare batteries for the lantern? Leave them at home.

Only when this is done it comes to replace old gear with new ultralight stuff.

The result is:

I have less weight to carry. Therefore I am a lot faster. I can reach the next supply stop earlier and therefore need less consumables (as gas canisters or food) – it is self-reinforcing.

And now: This could be the same in business when we automate processes. Oftentimes we tend to stick to processes just in case. It is working so why skip it? But if we applied the principles of ultralight hiking and leave behind all things not really necessary we could move a lot faster, reach our goals earlier.

What do you think?

Is there useless stuff in your business backpack?

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P. S. Although I love innovations in outdoor I am still not using a DCF (Dyneema Composite Fabric) tent – mainly as I think they are “stupid light” as Andrew Skurka stated.

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