This week everybody in tech seems to have just one single topic: #chatGPT.

What are the most intriguing use cases other found for ChatGPT?

To find answers to this burning question I spent some hours on the internet.

Here is what I found.

👉 To summarize research articles 👈

For my business I am using GPT 3 for a year now – first for experiments in #AI and now for the production of my weekly newsletter (more on this next week).

I suppose this is by far one of the use cases with most impact, as it will make research and development 10x faster.

👉 Find a slot in a calendar 👈

I did a prompt with the link to my Calendly page and asked for a free slot in January. It came out proposing a random date at the end of the month.
Where is the business case here, you might wonder?
Often I am asked to propose 3 to 4 time slots for a meeting and until now I have to look them up on my self or ask my assistant to do it.

👉 For search instead of Google. 👈
For finding answers to complex questions ChatGPT seems to be way more appropriate:

One step further is this one:

👉Discussing a question 👈
Tyler Ankert used it not only to ask a question, but to discuss the outcome of the algo

👉 Building virtual machines 🙀 👈
Somebody really built a virtual machine inside of ChatGPT and browsed the internet:

😉 Here are the funny ones:

👉 Write funny content 👈
Amitai Winehouse uses the new #OpenAI outcome to generate funny texts:

👉 Creating text adventures 👈
When I was a teenage boy I loved to code text adventures on my Commodore C64.
Jon Radoff used ChatGPT to do the job (fantastically):

And here a the odds:

Yes, of course. Not all that shines is gold. There are some odds in it. As OpenAI itself states, while using ChatGPT you should be real careful.

The main argument here is, as the output texts read so natural and persuasive you soon will be fooled. ChatGPT commits errors and comes up with false facts. (

If you want to try it out yourself (and I think you should to get an idea of how it works):

What are your favorite uses of this astonishing technology?

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