A one-hour virtual workshop on the art of prompting for ChatGPT, Dalle-2, and Midjourney for just 49.00 USD.

Do you want to write faster and better posts for LinkedIn with tons of engagement?

Do you want to produce amazing images just with a line of text?
Do you want to write attractive essays and blog posts?
Do you want to write copy that actually converts a lot better?

Then this workshop is for you! 😉

❤️ You will learn:
– How to formulate prompts to get want you to have in mind
– How to lead a conversation with ChatGPT to sharpen your ideas
– How to outline a piece of content in seconds
– How to write a prompt for Midjourney to produce an image you can publish directly
– How to take your content production to a whole other level

👉 You will get: 👈
– A lot of fun alongside your peers in AI-content generation
– A workshop presentation as your guide to letting the magic happen

Secure your spot now: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_cqrvOaJ0TAae1k9kc3_JaA

Your speaker:

Tim Cortinovis is one of the global thought leaders on the use of AI in business and the future of sales. He has published two books about the topic and is a globally renowned keynote speaker.
Attendees love his energetic and engaging way of speaking and connecting with the audience.

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