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Die digitale Welt verändert sich rasant, jeden Tag. Neue Ideen, Tools, Innovationen. Im Digital Sales Lab findest du meine eigenen Einschätzungen, welchen Beitrag diese Veränderungen zum digitalen B2B-Vertrieb leisten.

Und du findest hier unter Vertriebsautomatisierung ganz transparent meine eigene Informationsquelle. Die wird automatisch von einem Bot gespeist, der für dich und für mich das Netz durchsucht nach spannenden Beiträgen, Posts und Veröffentlichungen rund um Künstliche Intelligenz, Conversational Interfaces, Virtual Reality, Digitalisierung und Automatisierung.



Automatisch von meinem Bot kuratierte Blogposts und Beiträge aus dem Netz.

You’re Out of Time to Wait and See on AI

This article discusses the potential impact of AI technology on society. It explores how the rapid development of AI could lead to a variety of changes in many aspects, such as culture and economics. Business leaders interested in staying ahead of their competition should read this article to gain insight into how these changes may affect them. Everyone who is concerned about the future implications of artificial intelligence technology should also read this piece for an understanding on what’s coming next. Read the whole story here: #AI #TechReport #BusinessLeaders

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Sputnick moment as ChatGPT scores in the top 1% for creativity and originality of ideas

This article details the success of ChatGPT, a tool created by Microsoft Research to generate original ideas. It was recently able to score in the top 1 percentile for creativity and originality on a benchmark test. This is a huge milestone for artificial intelligence technology and could be considered its own ‚Sputnik moment‘.

Anyone interested in AI development, technological breakthroughs or those who are curious about how AI can impact our lives should read this article. Read the whole story here: #AI #MicrosoftResearch #ChatGPT

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The Discover Samsung fall sale is ending soon: Save big on OLED and QLED TVs while you still can

This article is about how to save big on a new TV during the Discovery Summer Fall Sale event. It outlines some of the best deals for shoppers looking to buy a new model, as well as tips and tricks that can help them get an even bigger discount. Anyone who is looking for a good deal on their next TV should read this article! Read the whole story here: #TVDeals #Discounts

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Claude Pro vs. ChatGPT Plus: Which AI chatbot is better for you?

This article compares two popular AI chatbot platforms, Claude Pro and ChatGPT+, to determine which one is best for your needs. It outlines the advantages of each platform in terms of features, pricing models, customer support, and more. This article should be read by anyone who is interested in using an AI chatbot for their business or wants to learn more about emerging technologies. Read the whole story here: #AIChatbots #AIBusiness #ClaudePro #ChatGPT+

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AI Adoption in U.S. Health Care Won’t Be Easy

The adoption of AI in health care has been slow and difficult for the U.S., but it is essential to improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. A number of challenges need to be addressed, including a lack of data standards, regulatory hurdles, health system complexity, and limited access to capital. Health care executives looking to adopt AI should start by developing an understanding of how it can be used within their organizations.

Anyone interested in learning more about the challenges associated with adopting AI in US healthcare should read this article as it provides an overview on the current state of affairs and steps necessary for success. Read the whole story here: #AI #USHealthCare #Adoption

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The US Congress Has Trust Issues. Generative AI Is Making It Worse

Members of Congress received an AI briefing from big tech leaders to discuss the current state and future implications of generative AI. The discussion focused on how this type of machine learning can be used for good, and some of the ways it could be abused if not regulated properly. Those interested in understanding the potential impact that generative AI may have should read this article. It provides a detailed account of what was discussed during the congressional briefing as well as insights into what needs to be done moving forward to ensure that these powerful tools are being used responsibly. Read the whole story here: #AI #GenerativeAI #Congress

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How AI agents are already simulating human civilization

This article explores how AI agents can simulate human civilization. Researchers have developed a simulation environment that allows multiple AI agents to interact with each other and develop their own societies, which has yielded some fascinating results. This article is perfect for those interested in the possibilities of artificial intelligence and its applications in the real world, as it demonstrates how powerful machine learning algorithms can be when used to create simulated societies. Read the whole story here: #AISociety #AIResearch #ArtificialIntelligence

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New Microsoft paper claims GPT-4 shows “Sparks of AGI”

This article discusses a new paper from Microsoft which suggests that GPT-4, an AI language model, may show signs of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). The paper dives into the implications of this breakthrough and what it could mean for future AI technology. Anyone interested in learning more about the potential development of AGI should read this article. #AI #AGI Read the whole story here:

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Google say their next AI will eclipse GPT-4 by multiples

This article discusses Google’s new AI system, which is expected to be significantly more powerful than the current GPT-4 model. It explains how this AI will have greater capabilities for natural language processing, and could lead to breakthroughs in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Researchers are optimistic about its potential applications, such as self-driving cars or medical diagnostics.

Anyone interested in the latest advancements in artificial intelligence should read this article. It provides a great overview of Google’s upcoming software and what it means for the future of technology. #AI #Google #GPT4
Read the whole story here:

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Das perfekte Ziel für Cyberkriminelle

This article discusses the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital world. Cybercrime is becoming increasingly sophisticated and no company or individual can afford to be complacent about their data security. Companies need to ensure that they have adequate protection against potential cyber attacks, as any breach could lead to serious financial and reputational damage. IT professionals should read this article to gain an understanding of the threats posed by cybercriminals and how best to protect themselves from them. Read the whole story here: #Cybersecurity #DataSecurity #ITSecurity

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Digital Sales Lab

Think Twice

Think Twice

👉 Think twice before giving a human the job of a machine. 👈 Really? 🤔 Yes, especially not in sales. 🙀 But why? 🔥 Research company Gartner states, they don't want us anymore: 33% of all buyers want a seller-free sales experience. Oh, no! And machines do it always the...

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How to create outstanding customer experiences in the 2020s

As the world becomes more and more digital, companies are looking for ways to create outstanding customer experiences. Here are three tips for creating amazing customer experiences in the 2020s:

1. Use data to personalize the experience

2. Make it easy for customers to give feedback

3. Use technology to create a seamless experience

#customer service #customer experience #data #feedback #technology

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