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Die digitale Welt verändert sich rasant, jeden Tag. Neue Ideen, Tools, Innovationen. Im Digital Sales Lab findest du meine eigenen Einschätzungen, welchen Beitrag diese Veränderungen zum digitalen B2B-Vertrieb leisten.

Und du findest hier unter Vertriebsautomatisierung ganz transparent meine eigene Informationsquelle. Die wird automatisch von einem Bot gespeist, der für dich und für mich das Netz durchsucht nach spannenden Beiträgen, Posts und Veröffentlichungen rund um Künstliche Intelligenz, Conversational Interfaces, Virtual Reality, Digitalisierung und Automatisierung.



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What Does ChatGPT Really Mean For Your Job?

This article explores what chatbot technology really means for you and your business. It explains how to use chatbots, the benefits of using them, and why they are becoming more popular in the digital world. Everyone who is interested in incorporating chatbot technology into their business should read this article to understand its potential. Read the whole story here: #Chatbot #Technology #Business

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Extreme Makover: “Generative AI is the most exciting step in AI”

This article from CalcTecNews discusses an increasingly popular computer-aided design software, Autodesk Inventor. It examines how the program has improved over the years and provides insight into its features and capabilities that are beneficial for a wide range of industries. Anyone interested in learning more about CAD software should read this article to understand why it’s become so popular among engineers, architects, product designers, animators, industrial designers, and other professionals. Read the whole story here: #AutodeskInventor #ComputerAidedDesign #CADSoftware

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An Interview with an Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT).

This article is an interview with an artificial intelligence chatbot. The chatbot was developed to help people find answers to their questions on the DataKriver Investigator platform. It is designed to be helpful and adaptable, understanding natural language queries and responding accordingly. People interested in learning more about AI technology as well as those looking for a powerful tool that can help them quickly get the answers they need should read this article. Read the whole story here: #AIChatbot #ArtificialIntelligence

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Seamless Checkout, AI, Robotics News From Microsoft, Google, Brain Corp And More At NRF 2023

This article covers the new features of AI robotics from Microsoft, Google Brain Corp and more at NRF 2020. It discusses how these companies are leading the way in bringing artificial intelligence to retail and giving customers a more personalized experience.

The article is ideal for retailers looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to AI technology. It also provides insight into how Artificial Intelligence is being used by major corporations today.

Read the whole story here:

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Down the Chatbot Rabbit Hole

This article dives into the fascinating world of chatbot technology and how it is evolving. It explains how complex algorithms are used to create artificial intelligence that can interact with humans through conversations, as well as its potential applications in e-commerce and customer service. The article also provides an overview of current chatbot platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and Slack.

Anyone interested in technology, or looking for insight on the future of AI should read this article. Business owners who want to explore ways to use chatbots for their customers will also find valuable information here.
Read the whole story here: #AI #Chatbots #Robotics

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Workday Sees Continued Momentum Across Retail Industry, Empowering Global Organizations to Adapt to Evolving Business, Employee, and Consumer Needs

This article discusses the continued momentum of retail industry worldwide due to organizations adapting to evolving business, employee and consumer needs. It further highlights how this shift has been beneficial in providing access to affordable goods and services while allowing businesses to become more agile.

This article is best suited for professionals in the retail industry who are looking for ways to adapt their strategies and operations according to current market trends.

Read the whole story here:

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Scaling a SaaS Startup: 8 Strategies for Growth in 2023

This article provides insight on how to scale a SaaS startup. It explains the importance of taking an iterative approach and making sure that your product is viable before attempting rapid growth. Additionally, it outlines the steps necessary for scaling up, such as hiring more staff, expanding into different territories and markets, developing strategies for customer acquisition and retention, and investing in marketing campaigns. Anyone looking to grow their SaaS business should read this article to gain valuable insights on what they need to do in order to achieve success. #startupgrowth #saas #scalingbusiness Read the whole story here:

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Die Vertriebstrends 2023: Mehr Personalisierung und Smarketing-Durchbruch

This article discusses the sales trends that are expected to dominate in 2023. It covers topics such as personalized marketing, S-marketing, and AI technology. It also mentions how these advancements will revolutionize customer relationships and increase efficiency for businesses. This article is a great resource for marketers, salespeople and business owners who want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their strategies. #SalesTrends2023 #MarketingStrategies #PersonalizedMarketing Read the whole story here:

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Manufacturers must double down on data and digital

This article discusses the importance of data and digital for manufacturers. It outlines how manufacturers need to double down on both in order to remain competitive in the current market, pointing out that even small companies should focus on data-driven decisions.

Manufacturers who are interested in staying ahead of their competition and understanding what trends will shape their industry should read this article. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and those interested in learning more about how data can drive innovation would also benefit from reading it. #manufacturing #dataanalytics #trends #innovation

Read the whole story here:

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Digital Sales Lab

How to create outstanding customer experiences in the 2020s

As the world becomes more and more digital, companies are looking for ways to create outstanding customer experiences. Here are three tips for creating amazing customer experiences in the 2020s:

1. Use data to personalize the experience

2. Make it easy for customers to give feedback

3. Use technology to create a seamless experience

#customer service #customer experience #data #feedback #technology

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The Era of Broad AI

We are on the cusp of a new era in AI. One where AI will become more widespread and integrated into our everyday lives. This is the era of Broad AI. In this new era, AI will no longer be confined to narrow tasks like playing chess or solving math problems. Instead, it...

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