What if your day went much more smoothly than today? What if all the tedious tasks disappeared as if we were all ⚡️ Harry Potter?

Recently I had a long 🖥 Zoom call with the wonderful Lisa DiCarlo Lee, a contributing editor at Salesforce.

Lisa interviewed me regarding this perspective:

🤖 How would a working day look like if all things (in sales) were automated.

This is by far my favorite topic and I like to talk about it a lot.

So, first of all, the most important point here is: It will be not the case that we in sales will have to apply for other jobs.

Only the quality of our work will change and the self-efficacy will 🚀 skyrocket.

We held a conversation of about one hour. At the end we had all the pieces of the big picture 🔭 in hands:

Yes, you can automate nearly the whole sales cycle from lead generation via lead qualification, closure and predictive up- and cross selling, even in high complex solution selling processes.

If this is practicable in an enterprise depends highly on the current state of digital sales in that company.

BUT …..

this also means you are able to automate each and every one of your processes. If you start thinking about it and you start small you will soon see the 🍇 fruits of your efforts.

If you are now curious about the post Lisa did from our conversation, head over to the Salesforce blog using the link in the first comment.

What do you think will be the biggest impact of sales automation? I wonder what your comments will be.

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