Supply chains are undergoing a massive transition, as Artificial Intelligence (AI) finds promising applications in order to streamline operations and augment human capabilities. According to Shopify’s blog post, AI can improve supply chain management by providing real-time analytics, forecasting demand, optimizing warehousing, and enabling autonomous delivery. Keeping in mind the complexity and vastness of supply chains, a programmed AI working 24/7 can be effective in ensuring every segment functions smoothly, enhancing supply chain resilience.

Why does it matter? Supply chains are the lifeblood of commerce – any disruption can severely impact a business’s ability to deliver goods on time, affecting profitability. AI-infused supply chains can lead to smoother operations, less waste, and higher customer satisfaction. All these culminate in optimized business growth. For whom is this important? Business owners, supply chain managers, stakeholders and even customers will benefit from these enhancements. This AI-driven transition can bring about endless possibilities and elevate operational standards within industries.

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