AI is the new electricity 🔌 . That was the title of my keynote and workshop last week in the beautiful heart of Hamburg.

And it´s true: AI is like electricity in the 19th century – it’s the force powering a new era of innovation and connection. In the beginning, everybody was talking about it, selling machines with „Now powered by electricity“. That soon changed and electricity became ubiquitous. This is going to happen with AI in a couple of moments.

In the heart of Hamburg, we unveiled how AI is revolutionizing the way we connect, sell, and grow. Here’s the game-changer: AI can do more than we ever imagined, from crafting personalized messages that resonate with your LinkedIn audience to analyzing complex market data with ease.

🤖 Imagine deploying chatbots, tailored with your unique data, on your website or WhatsApp, engaging customers 24/7. Imagine effortlessly comparing insurance conditions to offer the best deals, summarizing vast amounts of market data in seconds, repurposing content to fit any platform, and personalizing outreach messages that hit the mark every single time.
This is not the future; this is now.

But here’s the catch: the magic of AI doesn’t just lie in its capabilities; it’s in how we use it to ignite our creativity, to fuel our strategies, and to electrify our connections.

đź’ˇ How are you harnessing the power of AI in your sales strategy? Share your stories, your wins, and even your challenges.

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