🤔 What do you need to automate 🤖 the whole sales funnel?

👉This was the core question we answered in our digital sales workshop, the first one of three.👈

I am more than happy ❤️ to coach and mentor the amazing startups of the second batch of of the #AI #Accelerator program of the AI.STARTUP.HUB Hamburg.

The main takeaways we had, were:

✅ you need to be crystal clear about basic concepts as your value proposition, your buyer personas and your customers journey,

✅ exponential technology (as #automation and #AI) will help to scale and

✅ massive email marketing, automated lead qualification and social selling automation are key.

Thank you so much for your valuable input Ruben Meuth and Olaf Schaefers.

But for me the most important point when it comes to automated sales funnels is:

🔥 It is way better to have a fast automation of a mediocre sales process running than having the perfect manual sales process. 🔥

Or, in other words, rather prefer a process you can automate 🚀 than a better process you can’t automate.

I am looking to our next workshop!

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